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Cherie Currie - Revolution Bar, Amityville NY November 8, 2013

Oddly enough I hadn't been to Revolution Bar and Music Hall in Amityville, NY since the last time I was seeing an ex-member of The Runaways (back on March 29 of this year when Lita Ford was playing with Faster Pussycat.)  This time it was for lead singer Cherie Currie.

That last time time, it was a very late show with Lita taking the stage around 1:00am, so when we walked in at 9:30 and heard Cherie would be on after the next band that was just starting, we were glad we didn't delay as evidently two other openers had already finished their sets.

Once the band ended we were treated to the quite cute babe of an inhouse DJ playing a great little set of classic punk (Stooges, Ramones, Damned, etc) before Cherie hit the stage at 10:30.

Before I talk about her set, I have to say I totally dig this place and wish it wasn't such a hike (a little over a two hour drive from where I live in Kingston to this joint on Long Island.)  It's a full on rock n roll bar/club - which honestly you don't see much anymore.  If this were local it would be my regular hang without a doubt...but back to the show at hand..

Cherie played for basically exactly an hour straight through with no encore break and I think everyone got just what they hoped for - a nice mix of solo, Runaways and cover tunes (some of which the Runaways were known for playing)

But...this being Long Island...what about Joan Jett?

Of course everyone in attendance knows this is basically Joan Jett's home turf and everyone has that dream of being at the gig where Joan hops up onstage for a little reunion.  Well, that question would be answered shortly...

Cherie opened with a double shot of Runaways tunes with  "Queens of Noise" followed by "California Paradise"..

She both looked and sounded great

With a crack band (including her son on drums who we got to chat with after the show) backing her.

A great one two punch of an opener and before going into a cover of the Velvet Underground's "Rock and Roll" (a Runaways standard). Cherie mentioned how she had not been to this area in many years and was very happy that her friend and ex-bandmate Joan Jett was in attendance (with Kenny Laguna).  It turned out they were sitting in the booth right behind me (as shown in this shot taken by my buddy Jim Long.)

There of course was much applause and many fingers and other limbs were immediately crossed in hopes of perhaps a duet on say "Cherry Bomb."

Cherie was quick to add though, that Joan was very particular about what guitars she would play and that she had not brought any of hers on this night.  We all still hoped a bit, but I'll burst the bubble now.  It did not happen, but was cool to see Joan and Kenny showing their support.

After the Velvet Underground cover, we got "You Wreck Me", Sweeney Todd's "Roxy Roller" and the Runaways "Is It Day or Night?"

Next was Cherie's "Heartbeat" followed by "Mr. X" a song she wrote with Duff, Slash and Matt Sorum of Guns n Roses.

A really great mix of a set with another stellar cover to follow with Tommy James and the Shondells' "Draggin' The Line" and then back to The Runaways with "C'mon"

"Rock n Roll Oblivion" was next followed by "American Nights"

Then they brought it all home with "Cherry Bomb" and ended with a great cover of David Bowie's "Rebel Rebel"

A killer hour set.  As soon as Cherie ended, Joan and Kenny left through the backstage door while it was announced that Cherie would be at the merch booth to sign any memorabilia anyone brough and take pictures.  Why don't all artists/bands make it this easy?

Went out to the car and got My copy of "We Got The Neutron Bomb" (basically the LA counterpart to "Please Kill Me".  Both highly entertaining and great reads for fans of punk) along with the CREEM collection book.

Kim signed this shot of her with Kim Fowley from "Neutron Bomb"

And this classic shot from Creem

I then got a shot with her and yes I realize I have crazy grin/eyes going...

Also I am NOT pointing to her boob, I'm throwing horns, but a bit unfortunately sideways.  Cherie told my buddy to take another for safety and it's hard to imagine, but I have even WORSE crazy grin/eyes in this shot! (and if you notice...I think it was scaring even him as he backed up a little)

What's a fan to do.  A Gal pal of mine suggested it was because I was with a legendary rock babe...could be, but I tend to think I was still on the rock n roll high of the show.  While waiting the DJ played more great tunes...just a fun wish this place was closer...but I'll be back here for other shows and if Cherie comes around again, I'll be there too - hopefully sans crazy grin/eyes. 

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