Monday, December 9, 2013

Deap Vally - Mercury Lounge, NYC December 8, 2013

On this snowy night in New York City, Deap Vally brought the heat.  Second to last show of the tour in a packed Mercury Lounge, they played all of their killer album "Sistrionix" ending with the cant-get-it-outta-your-head-so-damn-catchy "Baby I Can Hell."  They were sticking around afterward but the midnight train and long ride back upstate had me scrambling for a cab to Grand Central as the last note faded.  It's too bad, don't expect I'll ever see them in a place this small again where such a meet and greet is plausible, but  glad I made the trek down.  Here's some views of the rock goodness they delivered. 

Lindsey Troy on guitar and Julie Edwards on drums sharing the vocals.

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