Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Issues: Gee-Whiz! December 1961 - Betty Page, Eve Meyer, Pinup Comics

Today a peek inside issue #47 of Gee-Whiz! from December 1961.

This magazine is one of the standard mini pin-up/comic/humor magazines of the day with the bulk of the 100 pages filled with humorous and now mostly politically incorrect comic art by the likes of Bill Ward and DSD as seen below. I do believe it may have been law for them to feature at least one boss spanking his secretary panel in each issue.

While I'm sure folks enjoyed the humor, much as they enjoy reading the articles in Playboy, it was probably the 25 or so pages of fantastic pinups featuring all the top models including Betty Page (with Greta Hoffenblad on the right) that paid the rent.

This issue also featured a four page layout of Eve Meyer punningly titled "Birthday Suit's Her Fine!"

Most likely photographed by her then husband, Russ Meyer, but oddly unlike most other magazines of this type, there are no photo credits to be found.

As always, if you click the image it will blow it up for better viewing.  I'll be featuring numerous other pinup and humor mags such as this, so if there is any particular artist or model you'd like me to feature outside of the more well known ones, shoot over an email and we'll make sure they get posted.

Enjoy and follow if you dug this.

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