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Sammy Hagar - Foxwoods Grand Theater - August 2, 2014 Concert Review and Photos

"Oh what a feeling...when we're dancing on the ceiling!"

No I haven't mixed up my concert reviews...I expected to be singing the above song on the lawn at Bethel Woods on Saturday, August 2...but sometimes plans change...

So the plan was for the crew to go check out Lionel Richie's greatest hits tour (c' don't wanna hear "Brick House" live or air-sculpt a bust during "Hello"?!) but around Wednesday the weather was looking like complete crapola and I wasn't interested in getting soaked for the former Commodores front man.

Then I got a tweet from Foxwoods telling me to text "HAGAR" to try and win front row tix to the Red Rocker on Saturday.  Well I enter and didn't win, but Foxwoods offered half price tix to those that entered.  I've never seen Sammy and the Grand Theater at Foxwoods is perhaps the most comfortable theater there is to see a sorry Lionel...the crew splintered...some went to went to Lionel (where the weather ended up being beautiful) and some went to check out the Winery Dogs.

I SO made the right choice.

Got to Foxwoods with a couple of hours to spare before the show.  Hit up some Fuddruckers for some burgers and headed over to the MGM part of the casino where the Grand Theater is located.  

I stopped at the players club kiosk to get a new copy of my rewards card to scan it and try and win a prize.  I was sporting my Iron Maiden "Killers" shirt and the nice older lady asked me if "that was my new girlfriend?" pointing to Eddie on the shirt.  Heheh...I gave her a brief history of Iron Maiden and their mascot Eddie and she said she would look for that shirt because her grandson liked heavy metal and his name was Eddie.  Rock on Grandma!

So on with the show...headed in and went up to our seats.  Aisle center balcony.  About 6 rows from the top, but this is a small theater (I think holds about 3,000 and it appeared to be sold out) and every seat is great (and did I mention comfortable?!  Extra leg room in front and seats a little wider than standard.  Also great sound in this room).  

The lights went down a little after 8 for a quick video montage through Sammy's career (There was no opening band tonight for Sammy's stop in Mashantucket, CT on his "A Journey Through The History of Rock" tour) and then he and his stellar backing band came out to open with "There's Only One Way To Rock".

Stellar is not being overused in this case.  On bass there's Michael Anthony of Van Halen, Vic Johnson on lead guitar and Jason Bonham on drums.

The show would be a history of Sammy's career mixed with a Led Zeppelin was...yeah, I'm gonna say it...the best of both worlds!

I'll give the setlist below mixed with photos from the show (and a video of "Heavy Metal), but have to say this was a great show you should see if it comes to your town.  I've never seen Sammy before and the thing that stands out more than anything is the fun this band has on stage.  You can't fake the smiles and appreciation for the fans that was apparent through out.  

Sammy, I'll be looking forward to your next pass through the area...Lionel, you too..."Hellooooo....Is it meeeee you're looking for......"

As stated they opened with There's Only One Way To Rock and followed it up with Rock Candy from Sammy's days with Montrose

Good Times Bad Times was the first of the Led Zeppelin tunes of the night

Poundcake, from Sammy's Van Halen days was next

I Can't Drive 55

Michael Anthony's bass solo

When It's Love (VH)

Whole Lotta Love (LZ)

Little White Lie

When The Levee Breaks (LZ)

Moby Dick (LZ)

I haven't seen any of Jason Bonham's various Led Zeppelin tribute tours, so maybe he's done this before, but he basically played the beginning of Moby Dick, then the triple screens above him lit up with his Father playing it live and he played along totally in sync.  It was very cool and both father (on the video screen) and son got a standing ovation at the end.

Why Can't This Be Love (VH)

Finish What Ya Started (VH)

Heavy Metal.  I shot video of this one.  Love this tune.  Click here to view it.

Vic Johnson's Guitar Solo

Best Of Both Worlds (VH)

The band left the stage for a very short encore break and came back with Right Now from Van Halen and ended with Led Zeppelin's Rock and Roll

The band left and the lights stayed down for a couple of minutes while the crowd yelled for more (at other shows on the tour the band played all of the above along with Van Halen's Dreams and Sammy's All We Need Is An Island) but then they went up and that was it.

A damn good show, but I was surprised at the number of hits Sammy didn't play like Your Love Is Driving Me Crazy and Three Lock Box (and I would have loved to have heard Fast Times at Ridgemont High), but I guess that is just more reason to catch Sammy on his next tour.

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