Monday, April 4, 2016

KIX - Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun, CT - April 1, 2016

It's April Fool's Day.  It's a Friday.  I'm at work on break and see Guns n Roses is reuniting at the Troubadour 3000 plus miles away that night.  What am I gonna do here in New York?  Well, certainly not sit at home cause now I have show thoughts on the brain.

Text my buddy Jimmy. Den.  He's in.

It's gonna be a close one.  Wolf Den shows tend to start right at 8:00pm so the casino can get everyone back out and gambling after.  Hopefully we wouldn't hit too much CT rush hour traffic on the ride there.  We did alright.  Parked on the top level parking deck at 7:45.

The Wolf Den was pretty full, but we were able to get inside (hoping the band would do a meet n greet by the merch after, but was not to be on this night, although Steve shock hands and signed some stuff from the side of the stage).  Saw some other friends (Jen, Greg, Andrea) and the rocking commenced.

Because it was last minute and because I kind of wanted to just have a few beers and rock out a bit at this one I didn't bring my camera, just had the ole iPhone so really all this is, is a couple of pics and two videos.

Hell if you're reading this you already like Kix and have probably seen them a ton of times like I have.  A good bunch of you will probably see them again in 25 days at the M3 "Kix-off" Party (if you see me there, say howdy).  I'll also see them again about a month after that when they play The Chance in Poughkeepsie on June 25.  Yep, once a month for three months.  They are that good.

Afterward we stop by the merchandise table and how could I resist the "Cold Shower" umbrella?!  Jimmy got one years ago (although his was the little compact expanding version) and I've always admired it.  I needed it for my collection and because I'm awesome I got one for someone else who has wanted one for ages.

So that's it.  Enjoy the videos and see you at M3 or Poughkeepsie.  Oh here's the setlist:

Here's "Mighty Mouth":

Here's "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah":

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