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Teenage Jesus and The Jerks - June 13, 2008 NYC Complete Late Show Video

I went through my files seeing what shows I have photos or videos of that I haven't posted yet and found a lot which I'm going to start uploading on a regular basis starting with this one.

Teenage Jesus and the Jerks did two "one night only" shows at the Knitting Factory in NYC on June 13, 2008 - an early show and a late show billed for 11:00pm.

The shows were to commemorate the book release of "NO WAVE: Post Punk, Underground, New York, 1976-1980" which was co-edited by Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth.

The version of Teenage Jesus that performed on this night was made up of Moore, Lydia Lunch and Jim Sclavunos.

Both shows sold out immediately and I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the late show.  The main space was packed when I walked in so I grabbed a spot against the back wall.  When the band hit the stage a few minutes after midnight, I filmed the whole set on my phone.

This being 2008, obviously it's not HD (or hell maybe some phones shot in HD in 2008, but mine did not.)  The video resolution is 240x320 and I zoomed in as much as possible.  When I fully settle and zoom in at about the 3 minute mark  (prior to that the screen is sometime black or not zoomed), it's basically a full stage shot featuring a pretty pixelated view of the band.  The sound is actually pretty good.

I see there's other partial videos of the two shows from this night, so while this isn't great, it is complete and entertaining.

Lydia baits the crowd throughout and seems to have an actual issue with whoever was in the audience right in front of her through much of the set.

The setlist for the show (with approximate start times in the video):
Red Alert
Less of Me (1:17)
The Closet (2:52. Video settles in about 3:00)
Crown of Thorns (5:30)
Crown of Thorns (6:30 "We're doing it again because we hate you that much" - Lydia)
Burning Rubber (7:40)
Eliminate By Night (9:32.  Thurston breaks a string about 30 seconds in.  Song restarts from beginning about 11:20)
Freud In Flop (12:06)
I Woke Up Dreaming (13:20)
Race Mixing (16:43)
Baby Doll (18:10)
Orphans (20:40)

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