Saturday, August 7, 2010

DEVO Columbus Ohio August 4, 2010 Concert Review

Sometimes you know it's fate that you should be going to a show.

Arrived this week in Ohio for the big family reunion. I've found Ohio is s strange place to take a vacation when EVERY SINGLE PERSON who asked where I was going for my vacation, then asked the SAME EXACT section question when I told them Ohio...That question was, of course, Why?!

I'm sorry to any Ohioans (Ohio-ians?) who take offense to such a reaction...but c'mon...I thought the same thing...until I realized the Ohio State fair would be about 20 minutes from our hotel.

This is one of the reasons I was looking forward to the State Fair...

But the culinary delights were hardly the main impetus...THAT would be DEVO...and they were playing the fair the night we arrived...well of course I was going.

I've never seen Devo...surprising as I love 'em...and this was a homestate gig. I couldn't think of a better way to start my vacation! So back to fate...

So my younger sister and I hit up the free nightly two hour cocktail hour at the hotel (Tip to the traveller...Embassy Suites RULES!!) and headed to the fair and found the building Devo was playing was about 8pm...

Saw a sign that said go to Box Office to buy tix (which were $30)...but that appeared to be at the other end of the there was, what we found to be, an enterprising fella working the door we walked up to. We asked if we could still buy tickets.

There was someone right behind us, so he said...hold on one minute...checks them and lets them in...

Then does the lean in and whispers "drop 10 bucks a piece in the bag over there and go grab a seat in the bleachers!" I gave him the "really!" raised eyebrow to make sure I heard right...affirmed...dropped and we're in...NICE...

We walk in...grab a seat and the lights drop and show starts! 8:09 I said...this was fated...I totally thought we could have walked around til 9 with no prob...but the concert gods were smiling on moi this night...

So...the show was INCREDIBLE...I mean I knew I would enjoy it...but goddamn it was so much fun! Devo have amazing synced video with every song...they do costume changes...they throw stuff into the audience (oh yeah...the pyramid hats were a flying - they're blue these days instead of the famous red.)

Of course the songs are just great catchy pop/rock...everyone was singing...dancing...just a great time.

I left thinking I could have brought anyone to this show and I'm pretty damn sure they would have left as happy as me!

So that's the review kids...but here's the setlist as well as some photos I took...I'm glad I got to cross Devo off my must see concert list, but I'll most definitely be looking for them to come back around...and if I know you...I'll probably be asking you to come won't regret it!

Don't Shoot

What We Do
Goin' Under

That's Good
Girl U Want

Whip It

Planet Earth

Satisfaction (This version of the Rolling Stones song was quite different from their already very different version of the Rolling Stones song...this had an almost reggae feel to it)
Secret Agent Man

Uncontrollable Urge

Jocko Homo

Smart Patrol / Mr. DNA
Gates of Steel
Freedom of Choice

Beautiful World (with Booji Boy)

Wednesday, August 4, 2010 - Columbus, OH - Ohio State Fairgrounds, 80 minutes

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