Monday, November 24, 2014

Alice Cooper - Madison Square Garden NYC - October 28, 2014 Live Concert Review and Photos

This tour was a no brainer.  Motley Crue was my first favorite band growing up.  I got into them around the time of "Shout at the Devil" and if this truly proves to be their final tour, well I had to see it and what better place than Madison Square Garden.

Alice Cooper was announced as opener and also a blast from the past.  Alice was two of my earliest shows in 1987 at the Mid Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie NY.  I first saw him in February of that year on the Nightmare Returns tour and then in November of the same year on the Live In The Flesh tour.  I last saw Alice in another high profile opening slot on Iron Maiden's last tour a couple of years ago...looked like this should be a solid night of hard rock.

We had a big crew come down on the train for this one and hit up the Blarney Rock for some beers before hand.  Some of the gang cut out a little early to go to Ryan Roxie's "Rock n Roll Parking Lot" which took place in the lobby of the Garden where Ryan and Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper's band were doing a meet and greet.  (Ryan and Nita are two of Alice's guitarists in addition to Tommy Henriksen on third guitar plus Chuck Garric on bass and Glen Sobel on drums.) The rest of us headed over a few minutes to Eight figuring we had plenty of time as the tickets said 7:30 and we knew The Raskins were doing a short opening set.

Well either the Raskins started early or the set was super short because we walked in a couple of minutes after eight and could hear a muffled version of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" through the arena walls.  We also heard the band play "Under My Wheels" as we worked our way up the escalators to our second level seats and made it inside to hear the band start "I'm Eighteen." (The only song we totally missed was the opener of "Hello Hooray.")

When Alice gets these opening slots on these major tours he is given a high level of respect in regards to length of set and use of stage.  Alice basically had a headlining stage set and full use of all of his props which make his show always entertaining..

He was given a full hour and the rest of his setlist was:

Billion Dollar Babies


Dirty Diamonds (with drum solo)

Welcome to My Nightmare

Feed My Frankenstein

Ballad of Dwight Fry

a little bit of "Killer" into...

 I Love The Dead

School's Out (with audience sing along of Pink Floyd's "Another Brick In The Wall part 2")

A nice strong standard set of many of Alice's hits.  The lights went up and we had about a half hour before Motley Crue would hit the stage.  Continue to that post by clicking here.

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