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JUNKYARD - May 6, 2018 Hanover, MD - Sleazy Slimey Sunday - Review with Photos and Video

After two days at the M3 Rock Festival, I just did not have a full day of rock left in me.  I slept until check out at our hotel by the Merriweather Post Pavillion and headed over to Live! Lofts in Hanover which was the official hotel of Brad Lee Entertainment's Sleazy Slimey Sunday #3 (SSS3) which would end the 10th Anniversary weekend of M3 the right way.

It was too early to check in, so we headed over to the Live! Casino/Mall complex for lunch at DuClaw Brewing with my cousin and his family because yeah, I needed more beer.

Headed back to the hotel at about 2:30pm and I see the Drunkyard Brigade (a righteous gang of hooligans, possible miscreants and all around most fun folks you could ever hope to have as fans and/or drinking buddies) hanging with the guys in Junkyard (David Roach on vocals, Patrick Muzingo on drums, Todd Muscat on bass and the twin guitar attack of Tim Mosher and Jimmy James.)  Hung out and chatted a bit and got to meet quite a few folks in person that I have only known online.  So far a pretty cool start to the day!

It was still a bit early, but after a little wait we were able to check in, so we went upstairs, cracked open some more beer and took a look at the schedule for SSS3.

When the show was announced, Junkyard was billed as headliner and that's all it took to get me to want to stay another day in Maryland.  Others in our New York crew were most looking forward to Babylon A.D. who were also on the bill.  Then L.A. Guns were added to play after Junkyard (and we all dig them) so it would be a solid evening of great music.  A couple of our gang were already at the festival as they had bought Ultimate VIP tickets which included a set by Steve Whiteman of Kix.  

I think there were 10 bands in total, but not knowing the club layout and knowing standing until probably 1:30am or so for another day might be tough, we decided to chill for a bit, finish our beers and go back to the casino (which is about a mile away) to gamble as part of the pre-game festivities.

At the casino, I hit for $200 after being there about 5 minutes and left with it.  We spent about an hour there and then hit up Jersey Mike's to grab some sandwiches to have at the hotel for dinner before heading over (Their Chipotle Chicken Cheesesteak sandwich is AMAZING).  Finished our subs and more beers and now it's about 7:50 so we got the hotel shuttle to take us to the club.

The venue is called Cancun Cantina and it is cool as all hell!  You walk in to a long room with the stage at the far end.  On the right you can go through doors which brings you to another circular bar and large room where they were doing the meet and greets earlier.  Going back to the main room, the left side is all open to an outside beach area set up.  There's bars everywhere, it's an awesome set up and just a great festive feel.  

It seemed like the schedule was probably about 30 to 40 minutes behind by this time, which for a show that started at 1:30 in the afternoon, I thought was really good.  So we got to see a good portion of Kickin' Valentina's set and we all dug it.  There was a short break with some stage announcements and then Ted Poley of Danger Danger played and Ted is always just a fun time.  Another short break and Babylon A.D. hit the stage and the crowd loved them.

Throughout all of this I got to meet a few more people from the Junkyard fan group (chatting about everything from Andrew "Dice" Clay to Dungeons and Dragons) and enjoyed some tasty beverages (which, by the way, were NOT concert prices.  Bottles of beer were $3.50! Cancun Cantina, where have you been all my life?)

At 11:30 on the dot, it was finally time.  The promoter, Brad Lee, came up to introduce the band and they opened with an explosive "Life Sentence" off their 1989 self titled debut album. See the video below.

In his intro, Lee mentioned how last year the band was only given a 25 minute slot at M3, but tonight we would see what they could do with a full hour.

It turned out that for those 60 minutes we would be treated to a master class in true rock n roll kick-assery! 

"Back on the Streets" from their 1991 follow-up "Sixes, Sevens and Nines" continued the in your face onslaught before slowing the tempo down just a tad for "Cut From the Same Cloth" off last year's fantastic "High Water" album.

The 14 song set would be pretty evenly split between the three records and the next up was another great new one titled "Hellbound" followed by classic crowd favorite "Misery Loves Company" which had the whole audience singing along.

A killer version of "Faded" was followed by a return to the first album for "Simple Man" which in the old days would have had the lighters up in the air, but it just doesn't look right with vape pens.

The national anthem of drinkers, "Blooze," ramped things back up before slowing it down for their amazing cover of Tex and the Horseheads' "Clean The Dirt."  This is a song they play on a pretty regular basis and one of my favorites, but not one I had heard live until tonight.  It was worth the wait.  See the video below.

After another crowd favorite sing-a-long in the way of "All The Time In The World," we found ourselves at a classic moment in every Junkyard set with the epic "Hands Off." If you've ever been wronged in love, not much beats the cathartic release of screaming "Baby, you gave him head!  God Damn!!" with David Roach and the rest of the crowd. 

A balls to the wall "W.F.L.W.F" annihilated before ending the set with the classic first single "Hollywood".

Nothing lifts the spirits like a band doing it right and leaving it all on the stage.

L.A. Guns finished the night shortly after with a great set as well.  

Each year my friends and I always look forward to M3 and it's always a blast, even in year like this one where it was mainly the same bands that always play because it's like going to a family reunion where you get to see lots of friends/family, make some new ones (and avoid a couple of scary drunk uncles).  It was great that Sleazy Slimey Sunday brought the weekend to that next level we hoped for and we'll be looking forward to next year's SSS announcement as much as M3's.

As for Junkyard, upon my return to the hotel, I got to get this picture with them in the wee hours of the morning.  A great band that always has time for their fans. (one last note:  When I first walked up to the hotel in the afternoon, Patrick asked where I got my shirt.  Here's the link  Some of the other guys in the band also said they dug it including Todd and I didn't realize until now looking closely at this picture that Todd also has a Damned shirt on.  Them boys got some good taste in music.)

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