Friday, December 1, 2017

Live Tape Project #1: Little Caesar - Middletown, NY - June 17, 1990 Full Concert Audio

The Live Tape Project #1 - Little Caesar at the Orange County Speedway in Middletown, NY on June 17, 1990

Little Caesar were opening Kiss on the "Hot In The Shade" Tour with Slaughter playing between the two bands.

  • Down-N-Dirty
  • Hard Times
  • Drive It Home
  • Chain of Fools
  • God's Creation
  • Rock-N-Roll State of Mind
  • Wrong Side of the Tracks
Sound Quality: It's a bit muffled for the first 45 seconds and then it improves drastically as I was probably pulling the recorder out of my pocket and I think it sounds really good for what it is through the rest of the set. I believe I recorded this with a mono Realistic recorder with built in microphone.

Length: 30 minutes 

What is the Live Tape Project? 

Well back in the day for a few years I audio taped a lot of the shows I went to.  I have all my master tapes (probably about 80 to 100 shows) and have always wanted to transfer and upload them.  (added note - they are all the different bands I saw at the time, not just the band in this post)

Well I'm doing it.  I recently purchased a TEAC LP-R550USB stereo with includes among other things a cassette player and CD Recorder.  I'm recording the cassettes direct to CD, then importing them as .wav files and then uploading to YouTube.  I'll then post the link to the shows here and in the Facebook group.

Quality wise, most were recorded on a mono Realistic recorder with built in microphone which in some cases (and based on the recording conditions) captured a great recording you'll listen to over and over and in other cases it might be barely listenable and something you'll only listen to if you were there and need to remember if they played a particular song that night.  Later on I upgraded to a stereo recorder and some of those sound great.  It's a mixed bag and you never know what the next installment will bring.

My plan is to upload one or two a week and get them all uploaded by the end of 2018.  Should be a fun ride and I hope you enjoy some of the shows that get posted.

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Orchid said...

Glad you are posting again! We're you a rebel recording these? I bet these recordings will be a hit with fans and the bands! ROCK ON!

Jim Long said...

This is awesome Paul can't wait to hear what you've recorded. I'm sure there are lots of great ones

MostPeopleAreBlank said...

Orchid - in the words of Tom Petty, "I was born a Rebel"

Jim - I bet you were at a bunch of the ones I'll be posting!