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Autograph - Wolf Den 3/26/16 Review, Pics, Video + WIN SIGNED CD!!

NOTE:  At the bottom of this review is instructions on how to enter a drawing to win a signed copy of Autograph's new CD EP "Louder"  I hope everyone who reads this clicks the link and the "Like" button which is literally all it takes to enter you in this contest and all future contests.

It's early Saturday afternoon, March 26 2016, and I'm bored out of my skull.  Had some potential plans with friends, but one of those weekends where everything fell through.

The Batman vs Superman flick looks alright, but a quick check of venues shows Autograph is playing a free show at The Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, CT.  I hadn't been in a while so I hopped in the car and two and a half hours later, a little after 5:00pm I was in.

The last time I saw Autograph was in the 80's when all I knew was their iconic hit "Turn Up The Radio".  I had the opportunity to see them two years ago at the M3 festival, but if I remember correctly, they were on around the crack of noon on Saturday that year and it's damn hard to get to M3 when the gates open on day 2 after the annual debauchery of the Friday night Kix-off party.  So thirty or so years later, not much had changed in what I knew about Autograph other than I remembered they had a followup single "Blondes in Black Cars" and knew their red headed cury haired original singer Steve Plunkett was no longer in the band so to be totally honest, I didn't have any expectations for this show, I just figured with a few beers it would be a good hang.  

I'm glad to say lately, much like most of the few bands I saw for the first time on the Monsters of Rock Cruise, I've been very pleasantly surprised.

Autograph were great!

The band currently features original guitarist Steve Lynch and original bassist Randy Rand.  Marc Wieland completes the rhythm section on drums and Simon Daniels handles the lead vocals and guitars.

The set consisted of fifteen songs mainly from their three albums released in the 80's plus two songs from their brand new EP "Louder" - "I Lost My Mind In America" and "You Are Us, We Are You".  Both songs (as well as the other two new songs on "Louder") are catchy rock radio friendly tunes (if friendly rock radio still existed that is) that fit in well with their older material (which I wish I had picked up back in the day), but "You Are Us, We Are You" is something special.

It's basically a thank you/call to arms/celebration of the fans of this scene TODAY.  Those of you who go to shows, who buy the new releases, who travel to the festivals and cruises this song is for you and for the bands that keep it alive. 

Here's the setlist (along with some videos I shot):
Deep End
Dance All Night
Loud and Clear
Bad Boy (Video below.  The sound on this one slightly overblew the mic on my camera.  The other vids are shot right up against the stage and sound is excellent)

Blondes in Black Cars
When The Sun Goes Down
All I'm Gonna Take
You Are Us, We Are You
Send Her To Me
Cloud 10

Steve Lynch Guitar Solo

My Girlfriend's Boyfriend Isn't Me
I Lost My Mind In America
She Never Looked That Good For Me
Crazy World
Turn Up The Radio

So there ya go.  Next time Autograph comes around, I highly suggest you go see them.  If it's in the NY/NJ area, you'll probably see me there too.  Afterward hang out and say hi to the guys who all hung around to meet and greet everyone who wanted something signed or wanted a pic.  

Great Guys.  Great Set.  I'm glad all my original plans fell through.

Now the contest!

So I picked up their new CD and got the band to sign it and figured it was time for another give away.  If you already like the MostPeopleAreBlank Facebook page, then you're already entered. 

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