Wednesday, March 9, 2016

D-A-D Monsters of Rock Cruise and Party - February 2016 Live - Photos, Videos and Review

When we booked the Monsters of Rock Cruise East 2016 and we discussed the must see bands, my buddy Jimmy told me there were really only two bands that automatically would trump all others when the schedule came out, D-A-D (Disneyland After Dark) and Michael Monroe.

Well goddamn if Jimmy wasn't right.

We'll talk about Michael Monroe in one of the next posts coming soon, but this is all about D-A-D.

D-A-D would play the Sunday night pre-sail party at Magic City Casino in Miami, FL as well as one show in the very intimate Spinnaker Lounge on the Norwegian Pearl on February 24.  After seeing them at the party, I knew I wasn't going to miss them on the boat either.

It's odd when you've always heard of a band, maybe even knew a song or two by them from back in the day and then over 25 years into their career you see them live and realize you've been missing out on so much.

D-A-D were not just good, they were blow me away awesome!  Everything you want in a live band...engaging, entertaining, exciting, humorous, sonically powerful and for lack of a better term - ass kicking!

It turns out other bands on the boat feel the same way, with many in attendance at the shows.  At one point at the show in the lounge I turned around and saw John Nymann (guitarist of Y&T) joyously rocking out right behind me.  Check out the smile on his face (and he then sported one of their Shirts during Y&T's set the next day on the Pool Deck the next day).

Merchandise actually was the only bummer...they were one of the few bands to have none for sale. Gotta get me a D-A-D shirt now.

But what they do have are some of the coolest guitar picks ever!  Check out these souvenirs. 

I also nabbed this setlist, but gave it to Jimmy for turning me onto this band.

I know they don't get to tour here much, but fingers crossed they come back soon and just like these two shows, I'll be front row.

Below you'll find the setlists for the shows as well as photos and video I took at booth.  

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February 24, 2016 - Spinnaker Lounge - Norwegian Pearl:
  • Jihad
  • Evil Twin
  • Girl Nation (video below)

  • A New Age Moving In
  • Riding With Sue
  • Grow or Pay
  • Reconstrucdead (Video below is this and Monster Philosophy)
  • Monster Philosophy (Video below starts with Reconstrucdead)

  • I Want What She's Got
  • Sleeping My Day Away

February 21, 2016 - Miami, FL - Magic City Casino:
  • Jihad
  • Evil Twin
  • Girl Nation
  • A New Age Moving In

  • Riding With Sue
  • Grow or Pay
  • Monster Philosophy
  • I Want What She's Got
  • Bad Craziness
  • Sleeping My Day Away


Yvonne said...

Happy to hear you enjoyed D-A-D as much as we do in Denmark.

Vibberten said...

Wow.. A concert where Cobber speaks and Stigge keeps his clothes on. You were in for a rare treat ;)

Øistein said...

Thanks, nice sharing! Norwegian fan here (not too many of us, some how, it seems Norwegians have failed to discover the fun of D-A-D.

(A few blogposts from me on these favorites can be found here:

TotenEngel said...

One of the best live bands I have ever seen! Was listening to them in the late 80s and only got around to seeing them live in 2012. Have now been to Copenhagen and Berlin to see them live, will be seeing them in London, Berlin and Leipzig this year at least. Such an under rated band

jaded rose said...

One of my favourite bands for the last 25-30 years. My dream is for them to come to Canada and that they play Kiss Between the Legs. If you haven't heard that track yet I highly recommend you stop at nothing to hear it. Seriously. I swear Jacob channeled Carlos Santana on that one.

benilhalk said...

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