Thursday, March 24, 2016

Joe Lynn Turner with Steve Brown of Trixter - Blackthorn 51, Elmhurst, NY February 28,2016 - Photos, Videos and Review

I always try to catch Joe Lynn Turner when he comes to the area.  It's been a few years since I last saw him at Dingbatz in NJ.  

He was ending February with three shows in the area, but I was still down in Florida from the Monsters of Rock Cruise on Friday and Saturday was a hellish travel day (and if I went to a show that night it would have been Black Sabbath at Madison Square Garden, but when your plane has to turn around mid-flight to return to the airport and a flight which should take less than three hours has you on the plane for seven and you just partied for a week on a boat...well you tend to go hit the hay when you land).  So that left Sunday night in Queens.  

Sure I had to get up early the next day and Joe wouldn't be coming on until at least 11, but I couldn't miss it.

We arrived at Blackthorn 51 and the last of about six or seven opening bands(!), Pussywolf, was on stage.  I dug 'em.  A heavy as all hell all-gal monster stoner riff-a-rama trio.  Hope to catch them again some time.

After a bit of a break, Joe came out on stage and opened with Rainbow's "Death Alley Driver".  For this short run his killer band featured special guest guitarist Steve Brown of Trixter who definitely seemed to be having a blast playing these classic tunes.

The set was pretty similar to what I've seen him perform in the past...almost all Rainbow with a couple of Deep Purple covers.  The surprise of the set was his inclusion of one of the songs he recorded with Yngwie Malmsteen.  A great version of "Rising Force" where Steve really showed off his shredding chops.  Here's the video:

And here's "Stone Cold"

And one of my favorites, "Can't Happen Here"

The only disappointing aspect of the show was the turnout.  I'd say there were only about 70 attendees by the time Joe came on and that just sucks.  It's why he constantly tours Europe where he plays to packed houses and rarely comes to the US.  I guess I should feel lucky though, when he does come to the US, he always seems to play the NY/NJ area.  I did hear the night before on Long Island was packed though.

I was lucky enough to score a setlist (and drumstick) and here it is below.  I almost got one of Steve's picks but the woman directly in front of me literally headbutted me out of the way.  I think it was an accident...  

On this night they just played the standard 13 song set.  The night before they took requests after this set and evidently played some of the "Alts" listed.  

Bummer that we got the short set, but what we got was killer.

Enjoy the videos and the photos and next time he tours, go see Joe Lynn Turner.  Amazing voice performing classic songs.

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