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NYC Home Alive Benefit part 1- March 2, 1996 - Spilth, Gretta Harley, Cristien Storm, Bush Tetras, Ruth Ruth, 7 Year Bitch...and maybe Combine?

I'm talking about this 19 and a half year old benefit concert mainly because of 7 Year Bitch.  In the past couple of week on their suddenly very active Facebook page, they are running through their history and moving at a pretty good clip.  They are showing posters and photos from concerts and as of a few hours ago they were at the early part of 1994.  I figured I would dig out these photos I took at the Home Alive gig in case they wanted to use them when they get to March 2, 1996 and even if they don't, I do want to share this old stuff I have with any other fans who might dig it.

So while 7YB is having me post, you'll notice this is part 1 which will include everything but 7YB.  I'll immediatly post part 2 when I'm done with this which will be the 7YB portion of the show along with the story of the first gig I saw of theirs.

I wish I had more from this show.  This was at the time when you still had to sneak in cameras and I don't know where I got it, but right before this show I was either given a roll of film or a disposable camera (I think the latter) from a company called Seattle Filmworks that would have you use their camera, then mail it to them in Seattle and pay whatever and they would process the film AND give you a CD-ROM with your scanned pictures for I think 5 bucks more. That was a great deal and great price in 1996 when scanners were expensive as all hell.

I also think I expected there to be alot of security at this show because like EVERY benefit show of this type in a major city the rumor was ALWAYS that Pearl Jam would show up (and if you weren't around then, Pearl Jam were SO huge).  I would have gone to this gig anyway, but I assure you I too was hoping for a PJ guest appearance (or Soundgarden or Joan Jett or any of the many bands I loved on the Home Alive compilation album)

None of that was to be.  You can see who was scheduled for this show and that is who showed up (although I wonder about Sexpod...I know I was front and center at this show and pretty much was snapping at least 1 photo of every band with my one dumb ass roll of film, but have nothing of them)

Also you can see the spoken word lineup which took place in a smaller back room. I know I checked that out for a few minutes, but can't guarantee all of those folks performed although I'm about 90% sure I remember seeing Jim Carroll walking around. He wasn't on the bill and lived in NYC, so was probably just checking out the gig.

So above are the two ticket stubs I have, but don't let the VIP PASS written on top fool you.  This was the standard general admission ticket we bought at the door and what I believed everyone got for the $20 or so admission.

 Not really alot more to say, more just to share the photos below.  I remember it was not packed (so if Pearl Jam had showed up it would have been a story to tell and I probably would have had 2 shots left on my shitty Seattle Works camera cause I guess I was too cheap to bring more film), just a decent sized crowd.

The selection of bands was eclectic genre wise to say the least from noisecore to, yep I'm gonna say it, "grunge."

I remember Bush Tetras, who I had heard of, but not heard at that time blowing me away and then after these bands all performed it was 7 Year Bitch who closed out the night who were and are one of my favorite bands.  Click here to see the 7 Year Bitch post.

So enjoy the photos below (click on any of them to super size) and if you can help me identify the last one (Combine?) it would be appreciated.  Also if you dug reading this, go to the Most People Are Blank Facebook page by clicking here and click the "Follow" button to join to be kept up to date on future posts, to comment, share and take part in our giveaways and contests (some damn good ones coming soon!)  Also follow on twitter at @MostPeopleBlank   As always - Rock on and Enjoy - Paul


Cristien Storm:

Gretta Harley

Bush Tetras:

Ruth Ruth:

Mystery Guy - My guess is he's from Combine, but unfortunately there appears to be numerous bands named Combine and I can't find photos of any from this era.  Or was he in one of the other bands above?  If you happen to know, please let me know so I can update this and tag him in the Facebook versions of these photos.

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