Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Judas Priest - Prudential Center, Newark NJ - November 7, 2015 concert review, photos and video

It's been a year and a month since since me and the gang last went to see Judas Priest (read that review here) at Foxwoods Casino in CT.

In regards to the question of "Has anything changed?" other than the middle of the set list, the answer is no.  The Metal Gods are still all powerful!

Like last year they opened with "Dragonaut" and went right into "Metal Gods".

We then got "Desert Plains" instead of "Devil's Child".

The always epic show stopping "Victim of Changes" was next into "Halls of Vallhalla".

So with the exception of "Desert Plains" (an awesome addition which hasn't been in the set list for about a decade) this was the same opening as last year.

The only bummer was they dropped ALL of the "Defenders of the Faith" songs from the setlist. (C'mon boys, bring back "Freewheel Burning" next tour) So in Place of "Love Bites" we got "The Rage" - another killer tune.

This was followed by "Turbo Lover" which was just over so slightly slowed down and more ominous, really dug it!  Then the title track of "Redeemer of Souls" and another classic epic "Beyond the Realms of Death".  All also played last year.

Then THE addition of the set.  "Screaming for Vengeance" is back in the set after 29 years!  Since the first time I got to see Priest live was 1990, this was amazing!  Video here:

"Breaking the Law" was next.

Then Halford on his Harley for "Hell Bent For Leather" ended the main set like it did last year.

Glad to see they brought back the classic "The Hellion / Electric Eye" for the first encore followed by the singalong of "You've Got Aother Thing Comin" (the only other song of the set that was also slightly slowed down).

For the second encore I was also very glad to see the return of the amazing "Painkiller."  Everytime I see Halford sing this it just let's you know there is no song in their catalog he couldn't handle.  Hell I almost pass out singing along in the audience trying to do those damn screams!  Video here:

The night ended with "Living After Midnight" (which they dedicated to all the Veteran's with it being Veteran's day this week).  After the band left the stage, credits rolled on the screen like a movie with the band as cast and they all of their manangers, crew etc.  Never saw that at a show before and my camera was already packed away so didn't get a shot.

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