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7 Year Bitch - NYC Home Alive Benefit - March 2, 1996 and December 1993 tour

If you're interested in the full story of 7 Year Bitch headlining the Home Alive Benefit in NYC on March 2, 1996, then click here to read part one of that night. 

This post will pick up with the photos I took of the band that night and then continue on to talk about the first time I saw them on December 1, 1993 on what was one of the greatest tour packages of all time:  Cypress Hill / Rage Against The Machine / Funkdoobiest / 7 Year Bitch

So again, here's the link to part 1 (which also explains why there are only four friggin photos here)

And here's the photos from the Home Alive NYC Benefit which featured Selene Vigil on vocals, Elizabeth Davis on bass, Valerie Agnew (in the killer King Diamond shirt) on drums and Roisin Dunne on guitar.

So let's go a little bit back further in time to December 1, 1993 and my live introduction to 7 Year Bitch.

7YB are posting their history on their Facebook page right now and posted a flyer from this tour earlier today.  If you read their page you may have already seen this next part which I added to the comments, but if not, I'm just gonna copy what I posted and share again here:

"I've been to a lot of shows over the past 30 years and I love talking live music and like any music fan, there's always the question of "What's the best show you've ever see?" and it really is impossible to pick, but the immediate ones that come to mind are the three times I got to see The Stooges (1st reunion then doing all of Fun House and then doing all of Raw Power) and this tour. Saw this on 12/1 at the Mid-Hudson Civic Center in Poughkeepsie, NY which was my younger sister's 15th Birthday. Was already a big Rage and Cypress fan and knew a tune or two by Funkdoobiest. I had heard of 7 Year Bitch recently I'm almost sure in an interview you did for Fiz (or was it Fizz by that time) magazine and in those days what you read about a band had some meaning before you saw them. Needless to say the whole night blew us away. Stopped at the merch booth before leaving and picked up the CD, shirt and sticker (plus a three page pamphlet RATM were giving away) and walked behind the civic to the back door where we met you gals. You definitely dug the fact that my sister came out for her 15th bday and you did autographs all around (I can't find my damn signed "Sick 'em" CD or I'd post that too. I remember at least a few of you adding "SMP" to your signatures. heheh (note: "Smoke More Pot")...we all chatted and then you guys said "Did you meet Tom (Morello)?" and we had missed him so one of you went and got him off the bus and he came out and chatted too...Tomahawk from Funkdoobiest hung for a while and Zach stopped for a moment as he exited. Awesome experience and the show was so good we drove to New Britain, CT 6 days later to catch it again at The Sting. Then you kept releasing even better albums and became even more intense live over the next few years. I can't wait til this #7YearBitchHistory reaches present day and says you are touring and/or doing a new album! Here's some shots of the ticket stubs and my shitty old sticker covered guitar with the 7YB sticker in the primo spot."

Dear movie prop houses, if you are filming a movie about a young fella in 1996 who likes rock and plays guitar I will be happy to lend this sticker collage 6 string o' mine.

So there you go gang. I hope some 7 Year Bitch fans dug this, but more importantly I hope it has some of you check them out and like their page and sign up on their mailing list and see them if/when they reunite!  If you need a starting point go with Viva Zapata!

This is one of those rare things I sometimes mention - the perfect album.  Great from beginning to end and one of my fave albums of all time (but you can't go wrong with the others.  If you dig real raw sounds, go with their debut "Sick 'Em" instead and hell, you absolutely can't go wrong with their third and final album "Gato Negro" either")

Now please let's hear a tour announcement!

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Fantastic article and photos! Bravo...well done.

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Thanks Dan!