Thursday, November 12, 2015

Public Image Ltd - Voodoo Music Experience, New Orleans LA - Halloween 2015

Public Image Ltd. was one of the last additions to Voodoo Music Experience and one I was very glad to see was added for Halloween night which for my musical taste was by far the best lineup of the three days.

Like many, I'm also of course a huge Sex Pistols fan as well, so this year's trip to NOLA (been doing Voodoo/Halloween every year now since 2008 - I highly recommend it) started off with a real bang.

Our plane from JFK landed late Thursday afternoon at the New Orleans International airport. On the flight was myself, my sister and my soon to be brother in law.

We took our time getting off the plane, hit up the restroom, got to baggage claim where the bags were waiting and we headed outside to the taxi area to get to our hotel in the French Quarter.  As we were exiting the airport to get on the taxi line, Martin (said future bro-in-law) said he wanted a quick smoke.  As we walked over to the smoking area there were two guys having a smoke and I think my exact quote was "HOLY SHIT!  That's Johnny Rotten!"

There was another fan talking to John Lydon (when I'm excited I still have to call him Johnny Rotten) and as we walked up he took a photo and left.  John looked up at us as Martin lit up and I just said "John, nice to meet you...really looking forward to the show on Halloween."  He said thank you and I decided I had to ask and said "would you mind taking a photo?" and he put out his arm and said "Get on over here" and we took this shot (in which I know he looks annoyed, but he was nothing but pleasant). AWESOME start to the trip.  

He finished up his cigarette and said "See ya guys" and walked off to his car.

Enough fan boy gushing about meeting one of my heroes.  Let's jump ahead to Saturday - Halloween.

If you want to know about the weather and condition of the grounds for this show, check out my review of Ozzy's headlining set here.

Public Image Ltd (with Lu Edmonds on guitar, Scott Firth on bass and Bruce Neal Smith on drums) were on the same time as Jane's Addiction (review coming soon) but started later and Jane's only played 60 min of the scheduled 75 so we got to catch a good portion of Pil before Ozzy came on the main stage

As you can see in the full stage shots, it was raining most of the time, so I could only fire off a few shots which is what I present here.  

As stated I wasn't there for the whole set, but this is everything they played for those that need to know:
Double Trouble
Know Now
This Is Not a Love Song
Bettie Page
Deeper Water
Swan Lake
The Body
Public Image

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